Learn French with Skype or phone lessons

with native French teacher in France

Bonjour !

Do you want to learn French? Do you wish to improve your French?
My name is Anne Castelain. I am a highly qualified and experienced native French teacher (BA, MA, MPhil in French, University of Paris III). I live in the South of France, near Montpellier.
Wherever your are in the world, thanks to Skype or the telephone, I can help you become fluent in French!

I have been teaching French online for more than 18 years after teaching at Universities in England and Japan.
I can help you in the following areas (level: beginners to advanced):

How to get started ?

First, contact me using the contact form or email me.
I will respond quickly and offer to phone you or call you with Skype to talk about your goals and expectations regarding the lessons, the way you like to study (and the way you don’t!)

I will suggest a format and a study plan for your lessons depending on your level, aims and interests and we will discuss it. You can tell me your preferences and what you know works best for you.

Then we can decide a day and a time for your first lesson.
You do not have to commit yourself for several weeks. Lessons can be paid one at a time.
On the day of your lesson I will call you with Skype or phone you (depending on your choice) and you will start making progress in French!

Positive and supportive

I am very positive and supportive. I listen and offer solutions and together, we overcome your difficulties in French.
I know it is very difficult to learn a foreign language having myself studied several languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, a little bit of Italian, German and Chinese…) besides French, my mother tongue. It requires a lot of courage and patience but it is extremely rewarding. We will work on making the most of your strong points, following your pace. We will share your difficulties to solve them through simple explanations and plenty of practice.

Simple and fun

First, we might talk about the topics you like most so that it will be easier and you will soon acquire all the vocabulary you need to talk about your interests, whether it is business, cooking, gardening, sports, society, economics, cinema, literature, travels, pets, etc.

No-nonsense approach

I have a no nonsense approach to French grammar. All grammar rules are studied in the context of a conversation.
Do you need to improve you pronunciation? We will work on it through specific exercises and reading.

Written summary and mp3 of the summary

In addition to the lessons, I can provide you with a written summary and make an mp3 audio-recording of this summary so that you can learn all new vocabulary and grammar with the right pronunciation. It is also a great way to improve your oral comprehension of the French language.

Start today by filling out the contact form!

A bientôt! (= See you soon!)